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More transport offers through suggestions in real time, thus an increase of your trucks’ utilized capacity

Simple assignment of transport orders via internet and Android App

Free registration and usage


Colleta supports transport companies to find matching transport offers and to optimize the utilized capacity of your trucks.

By using intelligent algorithms, we can inform you immediately about matching transport offers, which can then be accepted easily via our online portal or Android App. Hence, we ensure complete transparency regarding all transport orders.
The registration and usage of the platform is thereby completely free of charge.

Partner with Colleta

Your digital freight management - via Web und App!

Register empty freight holds

The freight hold of your truck is not yet completely filled?
No problem!
Report your empty freight holds or whole trucks on Colleta and we find the matching transport order for you. This way you can increase the utilized capacity of your trucks significantly.

Matching transport offers

Thanks to the implementation of artificial intelligence you only receive transport offers that match your business and your truck fleet.

You can thereby receive individual notifications via push-up message or email and accept or reject the transport offers with only one click.

Track and Trace your transport orders

With the help of our Colleta App you can track and trace all process steps from loading to unloading completely digital.

Moreover, you can upload all important freight documents, such as the proof of delivery, the pallet receipt and even pictures of damages can be scanned, saved and forwarded.

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