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Colleta is your partner, when it comes to freight management, where you can not only report your trucks, but also receive matching transport offers that fit to your business’ profile.
This means a significant increase of the efficiency and utilized capacity of your transport company.


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Colleta provides you with transport offers in real time, that match your truck fleet and locations. Moreover, you can enhance your business’ transparency with our digital management.


Your membership, as well as the mediation of transport orders is without fees and any hidden costs.


Colleta provides you with more transport offers while decreasing your organizational overhead.
With the help of Colleta you can optimize the utilized capacity of your trucks and work even more profitably.



By downloading our Android Colleta App, you can easily receive transport offers, confirm tours and register fully or partly empty trucks while being on the move.

Colleta in numbers

The facts at a glance

11.000+ shippers are our customers

2.500+ transportation companies trust Colleta

2.500+ transport orders on a daily basis

Accelerate processes with the help of Colleta

On Colleta you can confirm tour offers with only one click.

Colleta fills up your truck

The amount of freight is key!

Every day anew, transport companies are seeking to fill their freight hold with the most profitable offers. This laborious procedure often means a lot of unutilized capacities, even though there would have been sufficient transport orders.

While a single transport company only sees a small piece of the market, Colleta overviews thousands of trucks and tens of thousands of transport orders due to its collaboration with internationally networked partners.


Hence, Colleta can access a huger market volume and distribute transport orders completely custom-fit.

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Customer references

What our transport companies say about us

„With the help of Colleta I was able to increase the utilized capacity of my trucks decisively within only a few days.“

Andreas Hertlein

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